OPKIX One launches in Japan, partnering with Lightec

OPKIX Inc. has just launched its camera the OPKIX One in with their distributor partner Lightec. The news comes after OPKIX held a launch event in Tokyo, Japan earlier today with products to be available shortly. The OPKIX One is one of the most promising tiny cameras to keep its user in the moment we have seen to date.

Autel Robotics drone trade-in program is here!

Autel Robotics has announced via its newsletter a new drone trade-in program, allowing users to get an Autel Robotics Evo drone at a discounted price. The trade-in program will begin on the 20/7/2019 with the trade-in program being extended to Autel Robotic’s dealers, retailers, and partners.

Parrot is leaving the consumer drone market

Drone maker Parrot is leaving the drone market to shift their focus entirely on commercial drones. This news comes a few years after Parrot the removal of their toy grade drones on their website. In a statement by Wirecutter Parrot have officially announced it will be pulling out of the consumer drone market to focus on drones made for the commercial world. Parrot plan to keep making its ANAFI and Bluegrass Fields series of drones, which are used in various commercial applications.

Tom Bleicher – owner of Visual Eyes Arial

Tom started taking photos at a young age thanks to his Grandfather Phil, who has been in Photography for over 30 years. About 2 years ago Tom got into drones when his job required him to become a drone pilot. Since then Tom has created his own aerial company by the name of Visual Eyes Aerial

Pierce Gainey – aerial and ground photographer

Pierce started out in photography when he was gifted a disposable camera, ever since he has been taken photos and adding to his camera collection. More recently drones have been added to his collection with a GoPro attached drone being the first, later on adding to it with DJI’s drones.

GoPro Hero 7 Black review – only camera you need?

GoPro’s have been off my radar ever since I got the Hero 3 Silver in early 2013, with incremental updates ever since until the GoPro Hero 7 Black was announced in late 2018. The improvements and new features the Hero 7 Black could just be enough to take the plunge on another GoPro.

OPKIX One – Capture the moments you live in – overview & price

The OPKIX One camera is the product from OPKIX Inc. along with technology partners, such as Arrow Electronics. With almost USD$12 million in funding from venture companies the world over. Is the OPKIX One the last camera you will ever need? The OPKIX team created a small pair of cameras to fix one of the biggest issues we have today when recording our life. The OPKIX One was designed to capture the moments you live in and live in the moments you capture.