About me

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I started dronenr., then called Tasty Tech Tips, back in 2013 as a Twitter account dedicated to sharing all things drones. From that I started to do graphics on the side, changing my name to Drones 'N' GFX.

I came in contact with a company on Twitter by the name of 1 Martian Way who would later on host my website for me, which really kept me motivated to keep on going and not stop.

I also managed to put a Drone related group together from around the world, where we would discuss the latest in drones, confidential releases and much more. This group included 1 Martian Way, TurnCircles, Chordata Quads, Flybrix, inurZONE, TeraRanger, IDRL, and Freebird Flight to name a few.


I started to become interested in racing drones specifically. I also noticed that there was this cool site by the name of PcPartPicker.com which let you build a custom PC and there was nothing like this for drones.

I spent around one year on this project without success and not much knowledge on how to create such a site. This is when I started to teach myself how to code in HTML and CSS.


Back in January of this year, I was watching Android Authority’s CES 2018 stream. In one of the streams, they had a guy by the name of Jonathan Feist, the head of Android Authority’s drone website, DroneRush.com.

From this, I ventured to the website and found the ‘Work for us’ section and decided that I would just give it a go. I linked my Unsplash profile and my resume, and three months later I received an email from one of the Founders of Android Authority, asking to have a meeting with me. I was out of this world excited!

As you can tell the meeting went well and I now work for DroneRush.com producing news articles and interesting articles on drones.

In addition, I have also just received notice that I am nominated for Unsplash.com’s “Editor’s Choice: Most Downloaded Photo in 2018 | Spring and just passed 25,000,000 views.