• Lumecube Strobe drone light
    Lume Cube Strobe makes your drone safer for $50
  • throwflame flamethrower drone
    Throwflame’s TF-19 WASP makes any drone a flamethrower
  • Parrot ANAFI
    Parrot is not leaving the consumer drone market
  • Everdrone autonomous delivery
    Everdrone makes first autonomous drone delivery in Sweden

The world of drones – a comprehensive look at the drone world

world of drones1

Over the last five years drones have burst on to the main stage, with the help of large companies such as DJI and tech giants like Google and Amazon. who are both working on commercial drone delivery for the masses. There’s no doubt that drones are taking over the world and replacing old and current ways of doing jobs, which is great for safety, efficiency and reliability. […]

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GDU SAGA review – drone with big promises, flawed

gdu saga

Industrial drones have been slowly making there way to the market over the last few years, GDU is adding to the list with the GDU SAGA industrial drone. GDU’s take on the industrial drone with various payload options available. All of these factors could possibly mean we finally make the switch over from the more popular choice. […]

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