Lume Cube Strobe makes your drone safer for $50

Lume Cube has released its Strobe light for drones in hopes to make the skies safer and prevent aircraft collisions from occurring. The Strobe is the companies latest edition to its drone range being sold alongside the original Lume Cube LED light for drones.

The Lume Cube strobe tackles one of the drone worlds major concerns, flight safety. The Strobe is visible from 3 miles and can be seen from 360 degrees. The Strobe is compact with a size of only 1.5 inches and weighs 10 grams.

The light connects to the drone via 3M’s dual-lock technology and strobes white, green or red depending on your needs. The Strobe contains a rechargeable battery giving the Strobe 2 hours of light with a recharge time of 45-60 minutes.

This light opens up new possibilities for nighttime flight in countries around the world. For instance, to fly during the night in Australia requires you to have a ReOC and flight permission from CASA. The strobe would open up the possibility of allowing more drone pilots to fly during the night along with making night flights a lot safer thanks to bright flashing lights, similar to the ones found planes today.

The Strobe is available for $49.95 which includes the Strobe, red and green light covers and a micro USB cable. The Strobe is also available in a 3 pack which costs $145.95.

What do you think about the Lume Cube Strobe, will it improve the safety of drones? Do you think it should be a requirement for drones to have from the factory? Let us know in the comments below.

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