Sphere Drones’ can sample water from a drone

August 6, 2019 ~ Josh Spires

Sphere Drones water sampler v2

Sphere Drones‘ has released its Water Sampler V2.0 water sampling solution after V1.0 was well received by Sydney Water. The Water Sampler can take water samples of up to 2 liters at a time from any commercial drone keeping people out of danger. […]

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The world of drones – a comprehensive look at the drone world

April 23, 2019 ~ Josh Spires

world of drones1

Over the last five years drones have burst on to the main stage, with the help of large companies such as DJI and tech giants like Google and Amazon. who are both working on commercial drone delivery for the masses. There’s no doubt that drones are taking over the world and replacing old and current […]

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