Throwflame’s TF-19 WASP makes any drone a flamethrower

throwflame flamethrower drone

American flamethrower maker, Throwflame have released a flamethrower for drones giving any drone the option to shoot a 25ft flame. The TF-19 WASP goes for $1,499.00 and is designed to bring ‘new levels’ of manageability and efficiency to agriculture.

The TF-19 is equipped with a 1-gallon tank allowing 100 seconds of firing time and a max distance of 25ft, the flamethrower is targeted at farmers, firefighters, power companies wanting to remove debris from powerlines. The flamethrower has a rapid refuel system consisting of the fuel tank suspended on a rail system allowing the user to slide it out from under the drone when refueling.

The flamethrower is equipped with a servo making it just as easy to shoot flames as it is to fly a drone and uses a plasma igniter. The TF-19 is made out of lightweight carbon fiber designed to increase flight times. It has been designed for drones that have a payload capacity of 5 pounds (2.2kg) and Throwflame recommends it to be used with the DJI S1000.

Throwflame was born out of Cleveland, Ohio and are best known for its 110ft XL18 flamethrower that uses 0.5-gallons of fuel per second with no reviews of the products under 4 stars. The companies X15 flamethrower has made appearances on blockbuster movies such as “The First Purge” and the 2017 film “The Punisher” which you can watch on Netflix.

What are your thoughts on having an airborne flamethrower accessible to the public? We’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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