The Air Force plans to use lasers to take down drones

August 7, 2019 ~ Josh Spires

Air Force laser take down drones

The United States Air Force is planning to use high powered lasers to take down drones on the Battlefield. The Air Force is working with Raytheon who managed to secure a $23 million contract supplying the Air Force with the laser systems. […]

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Sphere Drones’ can sample water from a drone

~ Josh Spires

Sphere Drones water sampler v2

Sphere Drones‘ has released its Water Sampler V2.0 water sampling solution after V1.0 was well received by Sydney Water. The Water Sampler can take water samples of up to 2 liters at a time from any commercial drone keeping people out of danger. […]

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Skydio’s R2 drone test footage looks amazing

August 5, 2019 ~ Josh Spires

Skydio R2 drone footage

Skydio has released test footage from its upcoming Skydio R2 drone that looks amazing for an autonomous drone. The video shows the new drone showing off its new flight algorithm along with some cool flight maneuvers to keep the footage engaging. […]

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Cape Town wants to use drones to fight crime

~ Josh Spires

cape town drones crime

The city of Cape Town is wanting to fight crime with drones becoming the first city in South Africa to use this type of technology. Mayoral committee member JP Smith has put forward a plan to implement drones into the cities police force to help fight crime. […]

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Spain is using drones to monitor bad drivers

~ Josh Spires

spain drone traffic

Spanish authorities will be implementing new traffic drones to monitor driver’s behaviors and catch those breaking laws in the act. The drones will be flying around known traffic hotspots and accident ridden areas. […]

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Swiss Post’s drone delivery stopped after Matternet drone crash

August 1, 2019 ~ Josh Spires

Swiss Post matternet drone crash

Swiss Post has stopped its drone delivery project after one of its drones fell from the sky due to a parachute malfunction landing near children. This is the second crash within the last year and has forced Swiss Post to rethink its drone delivery program, asking Matternet to fix the problems with its drones. […]

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Is this racing drone DJI’s next drone to be launched?

July 31, 2019 ~ Josh Spires

DJI's next drone

DJI has just launched its Digital FPV System which includes new goggles, controller and FPV camera and transmitter module. One thing that wasn’t released was a DJI Racing Drone. The new products have been shown off with a grayed out drone throughout the promotional material. […]

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DJI’s Digital FPV system – 1080p low latency FPV

~ Josh Spires

DJI's Digital FPV system

DJI’s Digital FPV system is now available from DJI with great new features and specs to bring to the drone racing world. The new products include the DJI FPV Goggles, DJI FPV Air Unit, and DJI Remote Control. The launch comes after rumors sprout over DJI products in FCC filings found by DroneDJ. […]

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DJI’s racing drone might be coming soon

July 30, 2019 ~ Josh Spires

dji's racing drone

DJI is the market leader when it comes to drones that take photos and videos but are not quite there with the racing drone market. Is this about to change? DJI have various products designed for racing drones but this time might be its big break into the drone market thanks to FCC filings found […]

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AR tags allow DJI drones to autonomously land precisely

July 28, 2019 ~ Josh Spires

FlytBase AR tags DJI drone

DJI drones are now able to precisely land in the same spot thanks to AR tags and the DJI SDK. FlytBase, the company behind the technology is an enterprise drone automation platform with a range of services in drone delivery, emergency services, security to name a few. […]

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Nexus Mini parachute for the DJI Mavic costs $2,699

July 27, 2019 ~ Josh Spires

Nexus Mini drone parachute

Nexus Mini drone parachute has been released with the promise of keeping your DJI Mavic 2 drone safe in the sky. The Nexus Mini will set you back an eye-watering $2699 but allows the drone to fly over crowds, in Canada only. […]

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