OPKIX One launches in Japan, partnering with Lightec

July 26, 2019 ~ Josh Spires

OPKIX One people dronenr.

OPKIX Inc. has just launched its camera the OPKIX One in with their distributor partner Lightec. The news comes after OPKIX held a launch event in Tokyo, Japan earlier today with products to be available shortly. The OPKIX One is one of the most promising tiny cameras to keep its user in the moment we […]

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UPS Flight Forward – UPS’ take on drone delivery

July 25, 2019 ~ Josh Spires

UPS Flight forward drone

UPS is entering the drone delivery market with its new company, UPS Flight Forward to take a share of the soon to be billion-dollar market. The news comes after UPS filed for a Part 135 certification from the FAA, which is only available to Wing Aviation. […]

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Autel Robotics drone trade-in program is here!

July 23, 2019 ~ Josh Spires

Autel Robotics drone trade-in

Autel Robotics has announced via its newsletter a new drone trade-in program, allowing users to get an Autel Robotics Evo drone at a discounted price. The trade-in program will begin on the 20/7/2019 with the trade-in program being extended to Autel Robotic’s dealers, retailers, and partners. […]

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Lume Cube Strobe makes your drone safer for $50

July 22, 2019 ~ Josh Spires

Lumecube Strobe drone light

Lume Cube has released its Strobe light for drones in hopes to make the skies safer and prevent aircraft collisions from occurring. The Strobe is the companies latest edition to its drone range being sold alongside the original Lume Cube LED light for drones. […]

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Throwflame’s TF-19 WASP makes any drone a flamethrower

July 21, 2019 ~ Josh Spires

throwflame flamethrower drone

American flamethrower maker, Throwflame have released a flamethrower for drones giving any drone the option to shoot a 25ft flame. The TF-19 WASP goes for $1,499.00 and is designed to bring ‘new levels’ of manageability and efficiency to agriculture. […]

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Everdrone makes first autonomous drone delivery in Sweden

July 20, 2019 ~ Josh Spires

Everdrone autonomous delivery

Everdrone, the autonomous drone software creator has just had their first autonomous drone delivery between 2 hospitals in Sweden this month. The drone wasn’t able to use any GPS to land and was forced to use it’s onboard vision systems due to the area the being surrounded by tall buildings. […]

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UBER AIR – delivering your food by drones

~ Josh Spires

Uber Air Uber Eats

Uber Air, the drone ridesharing company is testing out a new delivery method for its food delivery company, Uber Eats. Uber plans to take to the skies with its drones and your food to a drop off location for a courier to then deliver it to you. […]

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Parrot is leaving the consumer drone market

~ Josh Spires

Parrot ANAFI

Drone maker Parrot is leaving the drone market to shift their focus entirely on commercial drones. This news comes a few years after Parrot the removal of their toy grade drones on their website. In a statement by Wirecutter Parrot have officially announced it will be pulling out of the consumer drone market to focus […]

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Soar – taking aerial imaging to the next level

July 19, 2019 ~ Josh Spires

soar logo

Soar is changing the aerial imaging market for the better, combining satellite imagery and drone imagery to create the worlds first decentralized super-map. Combining mapping and block-chain technology Soar’s map comes with a few welcome benefits and a real competitor in the aerial photography world. […]

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