Filippo Cozzi – Italian adventure photographer

April 6, 2019 ~ Josh Spires

Filippo Cozzi

Filippo has always been interested in photography, when the first drones started to make their way to market Filippo bought himself a DJI Mavic Pro and that’s when his photography career started. Filippo left his day to job to peruse his passion in photography and sharing his passion with the world. […]

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Chad Gerber – travel and aerial photographer

April 3, 2019 ~ Josh Spires

chad gerber

Chad is a photographer and videographer who is also a musician that grew an interest in photography, buy his first camera in late 2017. Ever since Chad has been producing amazing photos whether he is using a drone or on the ground with a DSLR. […]

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Pierce Gainey – aerial and ground photographer

March 30, 2019 ~ Josh Spires

Pierce Gainey

Pierce started out in photography when he was gifted a disposable camera, ever since he has been taken photos and adding to his camera collection. More recently drones have been added to his collection with a GoPro attached drone being the first, later on adding to it with DJI’s drones. […]

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Ben Holmes – owner of Oz Creative Solutions

March 29, 2019 ~ Josh Spires

ben holmes

Ben is a ground and aerial photographer based in Adelaide that caught interest in photography while watching a mate flying his drone, ever since then photography has been an outlet to share his work and the passion behind it. Ben also owns Adelaide Drone Productions and has some great things in the works! […]

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John Dean – Fox Sports producer and aerial photographer

March 27, 2019 ~ Josh Spires

john dean

John is an aerial photographer that gained interested in it in his high school photography class, this pushed him to buy his first camera, the Canon 60D, and eventually a drone, the DJI Mavic Pro. Aerial photography is all John currently does along with his job at Fox Sports Australia as a digital content producer. […]

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Andrew Murphy – drone pilot, vlogger and owner of Arise Digital

March 23, 2019 ~ Josh Spires

andrew murphy

Andrew is a self-made drone pilot, vlogger and business owner who started out in photography 11 years ago when he stumbled across his parents’ happy snap camera. Ever since Andrew has been sharing his amazing work with the world and has recently taken flight in the FPV drone community. […]

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GoPro Hero 7 Black review – only camera you need?

February 20, 2019 ~ Josh Spires

gopro hero 7 black

GoPro’s have been off my radar ever since I got the Hero 3 Silver in early 2013, with incremental updates ever since until the GoPro Hero 7 Black was announced in late 2018. The improvements and new features the Hero 7 Black could just be enough to take the plunge on another GoPro. […]

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Australian drone laws

January 28, 2019 ~ Josh Spires

australian drone laws

Drone laws, not only in Australia are confusing, to say the least. From many first pilots not knowing there are even any drone laws to seasoned pilots only knowing a few of the laws. […]

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OPKIX One – Capture the moments you live in – overview & price

January 12, 2019 ~ Josh Spires

OPKIX One main dronenr.

The OPKIX One camera is the product from OPKIX Inc. along with technology partners, such as Arrow Electronics. With almost USD$12 million in funding from venture companies the world over. Is the OPKIX One the last camera you will ever need? The OPKIX team created a small pair of cameras to fix one of the […]

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Tanky Drone interview w/ founder Bogdan

September 30, 2016 ~ Josh Spires

tanky drone

We recently got the chance to interview one of the creators behind Tanky Drone! We spoke to Bogdan, the co-designer of the Tanky Drone. We have a video of the full video on our YouTube channel. Here we will go over a few key points from the original video. […]

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What is drone racing? From DRL winner Steve Zoomas

April 19, 2016 ~ Josh Spires

steve zoomas zoumas

A few weeks ago we got in contact with DRL, the premier drone racing league. They offered to let us ask some questions about drone racing. We spoke to Steve “Zoomas” Zoumas one of the leagues well regarded pilot. […]

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