Photos by Josh Spires – aerial, landscape photography

Some of the latest photos by Josh Spires and the dronenr team. Want the image for free at a lower resolution? Head over to my Unsplash account. For a full resolution photo contact us via the contact page. Please note, all my images on Unsplash are subject to the Unsplash license. If you are looking for aerial work or have any questions please fill out the contact form.

The images on this page are some of my favorite or most popular work on Unsplash. A majority of the images are aerial photos taken using various DJI drones to the latest photos coming out of a Sony a6400 mirrorless camera. Photos are currently only from Josh Spires but once the dronenr team grows various staff will be uploading under the dronenr brand name.

Learn the story behind Josh and how he came to be doing what he is up to now. Also, take a look at what dronenr is doing in the drone world and out of the drone world. The following stats are updated every 20 minutes via the Unsplash API. Want to see all the photos we upload to Unsplash be sure to head over to our Unsplash account.